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“One of Edinburgh’s most important outposts for house, techno and bass music” Resident Advisor

“Edinburgh’s leading underground techno party” The List

“Substance has been serving up some of most thundering innovators to the capital for half a decade now. This movable feast has grown itself a solid following, enhanced by the fine roster. The night has become known for its unswerving quality.” The Skinny

“Substance has quickly grown into being a strong underground contender, retaining links with the music which first kicked Edinburgh’s techno scene into life in the 90s while pulling in the newer sounds of today” DJ Mag







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Jeff Mills | Moderat (live)
  Modeselektor (live) / (DJ team)
  Ben UFO | Rødhåd
  Arpanet (live) (Gerald Donald/Drexciya)
  Surgeon | Jackmaster
Luke Slater presents Planetary Assault Systems (live)
DVS1 | Speedy J Clark (live)
Head High (Shed)
Blawan |
Helena Hauff | Tin Man (live)
Objekt | Boddika
Altern8 | Mono Junk (live)
  Luke Vibert
  Paul Daley (Leftfield)
  DJ Stingray | Legowelt (live)
Scion (live) (Substance & Vainqueur)
DJ Bone vs Differ-ent
Nathan Fake (live)
Shxcxchcxsh (live) | Rolando (UR)
Sugar Experiment Station (live)
The Destroyaz (live)
DJ Pete aka Substance
Head Front Panel (live)
MGUN aka DJ Konspiracy (UR)
Neil Landstrumm (live)
JD Twitch (Optimo)
Lory D (live) | DMX Krew
Tessela | Delroy Edwards (L.I.E.S.)
John Heckle | Milanese (live)
Denis Sulta aka Atlus (live)
Phon.o (live) | Anstam (live)
Benjamin Damage
Ital Tek (live)
Subhead aka Jason Leach (live)
Mike Dred
Dave Tarrida
Adam X aka Traversable Wormhole
Tobias Schmidt (live)
Stephen Brown (live)
Bleaching Agent
Dixon Avenue Basement Jams

Aleksi Perala (live) | Forward Strategy Group (live) | Eclair Fifi (LuckyMe/Radio 1) |
Rob Hall (Skam) | Tube Jerk aka Tim Wright (live) | Cursor Miner (live) | Dave Monolith (live) | Global Goon (live) | the wee djs / Dave Paton (live) | Brian D Souza aka Auntie Flo (live) | Jerome Hill | Posthuman (live) | Cynthia Stern (live) | Remodulate (live) | Hanno Hinkelbein (Aeox) | Syntheme (live) | Steve Glencross (Sativae) | Patrick Walker | Taz Buckfaster | Lief Ryan (live) | Ben Pest (live) | Ed Chamberlain (live) | Fear-E (DABJ) | OWVL (live) | Hi & Saberhägen | Smees (live) | Smooky | Colouroid (live) | Mark Maxwell | Espion (live) | SmashBack (live) | Dan Monox (DABJ) | The Wasp (DABJ) | Ryan Martin (AllCaps) | Rebecca Vasmant | Fancy & Spook (live) | Cymbol (live) | Stick 430 (live) | Operator (live) | Galaxian (live) | Espee / Soundex Phonetic | Martin Patton (Voltaic) (live) | Bass Invaders (live) | Sleepless Crew | Parasite Audio (live) | Dee Mond (live) | Stone Cold Jane Austin (live) | Rob Dylan (Tokyo Bitches) | Ingen (live) | Dommm | Scott Theory | Morphamish (live) | Neil Templar (Unseen/Dogma) | Kris Wasabi | Electrikal djs | Al MacDonald (Dogma) | Zuni | Monsieur De Large (ICA) | Wolfjazz | Keyte | McGarvatron | Cosa (Iridium) | Termite & Paranoise (Volume!) | Cotton Cake djs | Murray Freq | Jetlad (Club for Heroes) | Velocity Funk | Darrell Harding | Nostra Terra | Andy Witness aka DJ Yves | Nick Wilson | MNKY | DJ DD | Morphos | Jamie Ramage