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Neil Landstrumm

A stalwart of the UK electronic music scene, Neil Landstrumm is an artist who always seems to be at the cutting edge. From the initial meeting of minds with the Sativa crew in the early 1990s, Landstrumm has gone on to create an enviable back catalogue of work on some of the most recognised labels in the industry.

After a lengthy sabbatical in New York, the native Scot is now settled back in Edinburgh where he continues to produce and operate his label music and motion graphics project, Scandinavia.

Never one to rest on his laurels and churn out the same old, he has built a career on being unpredictable and open to new perspectives from which to hone his sound. Unaligned to any one genre, upfront and heavy, he makes music for all-comers to the rave.









Neil Landstrumm

Ital Tek

Ital Tek is 25 year old producer, DJ and label owner Alan Myson from Brighton. Since signing to the legendary Planet Mu label in 2007 with the industrial infused dubstep of “Blood Line EP”, he has progressed to become an exciting and unique voice in the world of electronic music.  Evocative, melody rich, yet dancefloor friendly electronic bass music, referencing classic Electronica, Hip Hop and Techno.

Myson has now released numerous EPs and three full length albums on Planet Mu, to critical acclaim.



Jason Leach founded Subhead with Phil Wells (RIP) in the early 1990s who, together with Jamie Lidell for several of the early releases, went on to become one of the most loved techno acts ever created.  As part of Subhead and as a solo artist, Jason Leach stands on a discography of well over 100 records.

“Shrugging off self-promotion and magazine coverage adds to their anonymity while intense live-performances have built devoted followings worldwide for anyone seeking Art on the right angle: Punk rock while pure Techno.  Originally meeting in Shoreditch East London as dispatch riders, their melding of minds cranked up the Subhead warehouse party circuit in 1995 while giving birth to the Subhead label (appropriately aboard a Russian nuclear submarine) and notorious studio sessions.

Subhead‘s embrace and strangulation of hard-edged technology falls into no category or school, dropping only hints at Hip-Hop, Breakbeat, Freestyle and Electro backgrounds besides the obvious Techno functions.  Subhead deeply delivers scalding but quirky and pumping raw funk-powered Hip-Hop hi-hat battles for the speaker phreaks. The music is as abstract as the people behind it with do-it-yourself indie-know-how letting the tracks speak for themselves. Subhead‘s art attack breaks the dancefloor standards with everything between sampladelic freestyle and raucous bottomline Techno. Unbelievable while totally understandable.” Tresor Berlin






Jason Subhead (BW)

Mark Archer (Altern8, Nexus 21)

In the early 1990s, Mark Archer and Chris Peat created one of the greatest legends in the history of dance music: Altern8.  A fundamental component of the hardcore rave scene, they mixed breakbeats, acid frequencies and powerful rhythms with now classic samples, which captured the mood of the happy rave scene and, in slipping by sensors, simultaneously stuck two fingers up at the over-zealous authorities.  Alongside the unmistakable image based around RAF chemical warfare suits and gas masks, and, riding the mass social movement that was Rave, they stormed the UK charts in 1991 with numerous top 10 hits: these were among the biggest tunes around, and remain some of the most iconic and enduring of the era.



Mark Archer (Altern 8 / Nexus 21)

Forward Strategy Group

Forward Strategy Group emerged from the shadows in 2009, becoming seriously hot property with their murky brand of UK dark-wave techno-meets-Berlin minimalism.

Their EP releases have been met with great enthusiasm, readily picked up and played by Berghain’s Marcel Dettmann, Peter Van Hoesen and many more, featuring on Ben Sims & Surgeon’s Frequency 7 set on Mary Anne Hobbs’ Radio 1 show, and Surgeon’s Resident Advisor, Wax Treatment and FACT Podcasts.

This early promise has now been confirmed with their critically acclaimed LP ‘Labour Division’ on Perc Trax, whilst the sinister tonal shifts, coarse textured rhythms and brooding barbed synthlines of FSG live show has continued to impress at the likes of Berghain, Tresor, Plex and Leeds’ Detatched.


Dave Paton AKA the wee djs

Producing electronic music since 1992, Dave Paton aka the wee djs is responsible for an enviable body of cutting edge electronic music. He has had numerous respected releases on the likes of Gassoline, Penalty, SCSI-AV and Input-Output, with a fantastic 2006 album ‘Fear and Lothian’ on Andrea Parker’s Touchin’ Bass. In addition, Dave has remixed for the likes of Silicon Scally, Si Begg and Two Lone Swordsmen.  Appearances at BLOC and on Mary Anne Hobbs’ BBC Radio 1 show have underlined his well-earned, solid international reputation, broadcasting to many what some have known for a long time.

Dave Paton aka The Wee Djs


Rich Bevan and Joshu Doherty have operated as Posthuman on the fringes for over a decade, unrestricted by genre but with a signature sound that is at once dark, brooding and melancholic. Appearing first on the ‘SMAK’ series of Manchester’s muso-cool Skam Records, they relocated to London in 2000 and started hosting their own extravagant parties named “Seed” (notably in an abandoned underground train station, a prison and a converted cinema), which saw acts as big as Aphex Twin guest. The guys keep exceptionally busy through their individual commitments in Seed; the seminal UK techno label B12 Records; Balkan Vinyl; and, the club nights ‘I Love Acid’ and ‘Machine’ (with co-promoters Ben Sims and Kirk Degiorgio).